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Caring for Exotic Birds

With the growth of nature into man’s backyard is the ability for enjoyment of different exotic species in our own place. One set of species that most have learned to enjoy is exotic birds. These types of birds, with all of their characteristics and their different attributes have become a pride and joy to several as pets.

If you are interested in exotic birds as a pet or just because you enjoy different types of animals, understanding the basics of exotic birds can help you to appreciate the character of this animal more. Exotic birds fall into a category of any type of bird that is from a unique place. They are most often differentiated from pet birds, which will be smaller in size and will be domesticated because they have lived in a bird cage all of their life.

Exotic birds, unlike other types of birds are more difficult to raise as pets because of their behaviors, habits and because they are exotic. Because of this, you should become familiar with the species before you become too involved.

One thing that is different about most exotic birds from pet birds is the level of care that they need. This usually starts with the need for the bird to fly every day. Because they are from a different type of environment with different expectations, they will need to have these met. You will also want to keep in mind that exotic birds have not transferred their diets over to bird feed. Most will need special foods to help keep them healthy.

Types of Exotic Birds

Most exotic birds are larger in size, will have bright colors and will have defined social habits. Most of these are separated by the species of exotic bird that it is. Bird lovers everywhere have defined the species into different areas according to temperament as well as other physical attributes. When you see an exotic bird with two names, it usually means that it is a sub-category that still has the same attributes.

One type of exotic bird that most are familiar with are parrots. This type of bird is known from its wisdom and its ability to talk back when it was on a pirate’s shoulder. These attributes are generally true. Parrots will also have several colors on their wings and will be a larger sized bird. Parrots will also be seen divided into categories according to which region they come from and their size. Quaker Parrots, African Grey Parrots, and Macaws are three common types of parrots that you will see in pet stores as an exotic pet.

If you want to look at exotic birds from a smaller perspective, cockatiels are an option. These are classified as parrots, only they are much smaller. You will be able to define a cockatiel by the gray and yellow in their feathers and the red on their cheeks. Other cockatiel birds will also be found, such as Tiels and Toozs. These are very popular for exotic pets if you want something slightly different.

Whether you are flying towards a different type of pet, or just take an interest in exotic birds, there are always new species waiting to be discovered. By understanding the mannerisms and the needs of these birds, as well as classifying the types, you will be working your way into an exotic world of feathers. This will allow you to fly into new horizons of understanding the exotic birds.