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Is a Reptile the Right Pet for Your Child?

Children always want to have a pet whom they can take care of, can love, can make their best friends. Most people have dogs or cats as their pets. Of course they are lovely animals but the kids these have another demand as well they a desire to stand out of the crowd, they want to have things which no body else has. They don't want to be trend followers but they want to be trend setters.

A reptile as a pet is something which will fascinate any child. But parents are always worried about the risks. They are afraid that their children will be harmed by these pets. It's a wrong notion but is quite common. Reptiles have always been misunderstood. They are always seen as ferocious, cold blooded predators and not as lovely creatures.

But it is a completely wrong thinking reptiles are fascinating creatures which are as lovely as it gets. A reptile can be a very good and interesting pet but only if you know which reptile to chose as a pet.

A reptile has many advantages as a pet especially if it is your kid's first pet. A reptile pet is very easy to take care of you are saved from all the headache which a normal cat or dog will give you. They are very silent creatures who unlike other animal neither bark nor howl. They are very easy to take care of they can be easily fed and the fecal matter and urine they pass out is of minimal amount since they are adapted to get the best out of what they eat. Every kid wants a pet but is not willing to take the responsibility of it and ultimately it all comes down to the parents to take care of the pet. So a reptile pet will save the parents from getting into much trouble due to the pet. And it is easy for the kid as well to take the responsibility which in case of reptiles is not much so it is an easy shift for the kids into being responsible.

Reptiles also do not take much space so it is easy for people to accommodate them into their houses without much hustle and brain scratching as how to make space for the pet.

Kids develop a special connection with their pets they are like best of buddies. A very difficult phase for any kid is the time when his beloved pet dies. It is a very sad feeling for a kid. Cats and dogs usually have a shorter life span and it is always difficult for the kids to get over these kind of things that too at such a young age. But a reptile pet lives long enough that the kids have matured and are able to understand the bitter truth of life that everything that is born has to die some day. It is easier at that age for them get over these things.

Another thing that makes reptiles very good pets for children is the fact that reptiles as a class of mammals are very interesting. Their behavior is highly interesting and it adds to the curiosity level of your kid. Reptiles can be great at teaching your kids the curiosity and also patience which is very much needed in life.

From the kids point of view the best part about reptiles is that they are so cool. A cat or a dog is there in almost every house but having a tortoise or lizard as a pet is something which is not seen much often. And this is what is cool about it. Every kid wants to have something different, something out of the box, something to brag about.

I am pretty sure that every kid would like a reptile as a pet and as far as the worries of parents are concerned I am pretty sure that your kid will be completely safe with the right reptile pet.