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Sugar Gliders Make Interesting Pets

Some people today who are in search of interesting and unique pets have turned to the companionship of Sugar Gliders. What? Do you say that you have never heard of a Sugar Glider? Well, then you have been missing out on what could possibly be one of the cutest pets that you have ever laid your eyes on!

Besides being tremendously cute, Sugar Gliders are also very intelligent, friendly, playful and really easy to take care of. Once you know all of the ins and outs of keeping one of these little guys, you will be amazed at just how carefree ownership of a Sugar Glider can be. You never even have to bring them into the Vet for shots!

If you are wondering just what a Sugar Glider is, they are marsupials that originally came from Australia. They are actually considered to be an exotic animal and they are illegal in some states to have as a pet, so you may want to check with the state that you live in before purchasing one. Are you wondering what these little guys look like? Many people say that these fun little creatures look a lot like a flying squirrel, although they are actually quite a bit cuter!

Thinking about looking into the purchase of a Sugar Glider? Well, before you go and get one of these marsupials as a pet, you may want to hear just a little bit more about them. Though they are easy to care for, they have several unique, yet wonderful characteristics. One of these characteristics are that they are a nocturnal animal. They love to make quite a few noises while they are awake in the night, so if you are a light sleeper a Glider may not be the right pet for you.

Once you own a Sugar Glider, the fun part comes along with feeding these interesting pets. Their diet is quite different from many other regular household pets, but there are only a certain amount of easy guidelines to follow. You want to be sure that you give your glider enough protein, along with water and calcium. The protein can be achieved by feeding them foods such as lean cooked ground turkey, boiled eggs, crickets, mealworms and so on. When it comes to the calcium intake, there are several supplements that you can find in pet stores that are just perfect for Gliders. You can also give them plain yogurt in moderation, which they also find to be quite a lovely treat.

After you bring home your pet Sugar Glider, you are sure to fall in love with it. That is, if you did not already from the second you laid eyes on him or her. With the proper Sugar Glider care, these furry little gems can make really sweet pets that you and your family will enjoy.