Rescued Ball Python needs a new home

Eastern WA.
A PAW UP Rescue, Prosser, WA 99350

Kaa came to us after being abandoned by his owner.

He was terribly ill and would have ultimately perished had we not rescued him.

Kaa had 'scale rot', an infection caused by poor husbandry.

Kaa had little to no heat source, either, and had overgrown eye caps (layers of skin), a sure sign of neglect and illness. He was underweight and working on a case of pneumonia.

We immediately set about reviving Kaa, including a vet visit and medicated baths, injected antibiotics and a LOT of TLC.

Sure enough, Kaa began to heal and recently had his first whole shed (instead of bits and pieces which he'd been doing upon arrival here). He lost the retained eye caps and is now feeding regularly.

Now that he's healthy, Kaa is available to adopt! Please be a snake experienced home that will only feed PRE-KILLED/thawed food!

Kaa will come with his entire set up, which was a significant expense to APUR. It includes the tank, a lid with velcro installed, a heat mat and a lovely cave which he loves.

Therefore, the support donation to add Kaa to your home is $200 to offset those expenses plus the vet care we had to obtain for him.

Kaa is a regular BP, not a fancy color morph. He is an active and healthy snake now, eating mice.

Please do be snake experienced, or have studied care and keeping Ball Pythons. We have seen Kaa through too much to let him relapse!

No live prey feeding Kaa eats f/t just fine. No breeding homes. Kaa is a rescue and will not be bred. There are already too many reptiles in danger and in rescues!
Price: $200
Quantity: 1
First Listed: April 3, 2015
Last Modified: 8 years ago


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