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Tiger Salamanders

I have tiger salamander babies available right now, and will have adults soon as well. These are the best species of salamander to keep as pets. They are very easy to care for, and will live 15 years of more with proper care. They are healthy and eating well, should morph in the next few weeks. Love worms, crickets, and wax worms as a treat. Waxworms should be limited though as these guys are prone to obesity. The babies are aquatic, and as they morph you will need to slowly reduce the water, and provide the adults with a pond and preferably substrate to burrow in. These are the largest species of terrestrial salamander, growing up to 14 inches, though i did have a 17 inch one before. Discount for buying multiples. $30 for 1, $25 each for 2-5, $20 each for 6-10, and $15 each if you buy more than 10. Great pets, easy and friendly, many eat right out of my hand!
Price: $30
Quantity: 10
First Listed: May 7, 2016


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