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Description: Kimbrells Coldblood provides the highest quality feeder insects on the market while maintaining the lowest prices possible. We raise Dubia Roaches, and other feeder insects. We also have all the supplies needed to keep your feeders healthy.

Business Hours: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Time Zone: (GMT-06:00) Central Time
City: Salem
State: Illinois
Postal Code: 62881
Country: US
Website: www.kimbrellscoldblood.com
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Created: March 17, 2015
Last Modified: 8 years ago
Dubia Roaches for Sale
To check on prices and availability check the website at: www.kimbrellscoldblood.com I have been breeding roaches for over 8 years. Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance. Every one is looking for the best "deal" these days but what is really important is the entire buying process. Price is always important but great service is a must to be a "good deal." Every customer is important and I strive for top notch customer service. I specialize in larger orders for bearded dragon breeders but I can accommodate smaller orders as well. I sell by the gram instead of by the count. An approximate count is included in the price section, actual count will vary depending on sizing. There will be a small percentage of nymphs outside of the listed size range. This is unavoidable with sorting methods. There will be a 10 overcount on each order to compensate for a few dead or miss counts. Check out my feedback and BOI for a great buying experience. SHIPPING *Shipping Monday-Wednesday. *Payment must be made by 7:00 AM to be shipped that day. Any payment after 7 AM on Wednesday will be held to ship the following Monday. Shipping carriers and services can be chosen in the shopping cart. *Orders can be held at the Post Office if requested. *FedEx can not be shipped to a P.O. Box. *Tracking numbers will be emailed to you after I ship your package. Please be patient as it may take a few hours after I ship for the number to reach your email. *You must have a confirmed PayPal address for any guarantee to be valid. *No shipping to Florida, Alaska, Hawaii *No shipping to Canada *No international shipping LIVE ARRIVAL GUARANTEE All orders that ship with the United States Postal Service (USPS) will not have any guarantee at all. With more and more problems occurring with their service, I can not guarantee that an order will even show up. Only use USPS at your own risk. This is effective for any order placed on or after 2-7-2013. With the announcement of USPS going to a five day delivery, shipping problems are only going to continue to get worse. I will guarantee live arrival on orders that are delivered within a 3 day time frame using FedEx. Any orders past the 3 day time frame will not have a live arrival guarantee, I can not be held responsible for carrier errors or delays. If choosing a ground service refer to the maps on the bottom of this page to see the average days in transit. NOTE: most of my California customers choosing FedEx ground has been taking 5 days to arrive instead of the 4 days listed on the map. FedEx request a phone number be added to their label, if your phone number is not listed on PayPal please add it in the notes section. You are responsible for making sure your address is correct. If an order is returned to me because of an incorrect address I will not refund any money. If your PayPal address is not confirmed there will be no guarantee of any kind. If temperatures are below 40 degrees or above 90 degrees at the delivery point the order must be shipped next day to get the live arrival guarantee. Heat packs will need to be added to orders when temperatures are below 40 degrees for the guarantee. If an order comes in dead on arrival (DOA) I will either replace the order or refund the purchase price at my discretion. For the live arrival guarantee to be valid you must be able to accept the package on the first delivery attempt. If an order comes in DOA I will need notified within 2 hours of arrival and pictures will need to be taken with a date and time stamp to verify the dead. If there is any part of the Live Arrival Guarantee that you do not understand please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions. *Illinois residents please add 7 sales tax* If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. If there is anything else that you are looking for please contact me. For the quickest response time please contact me by email: kimbrellscoldblood@yahoo.com To check on prices and availability please visit the website at: www.kimbrellscoldblood.com Thanks, Quentin
Discoid Roaches by Kimbrells Coldblood
Kimbrells Coldblood now has affordable Discoid roaches for sale. These Discoid roaches will be the same high quality as our Dubia roaches and are Florida legal. Prices start at just $20.00 with sizes from small to large available. You can order directly from the website at: www.kimbrellscoldblood.com/discoid_roaches.html I ship Monday through Wednesday. Check out the Terms of Service page for full details on shipping and the live arrival guarantee. The best way to reach me is by email at: kimbrellscoldblood@yahoo.com www.kimbrellscoldblood.com