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leucistic axolotls for sale

Hi everyone, so I have 16 axolotl babies about 1.5 inch long born March 15 of this year. They are eating cut up blood worms, baby brine shrimp and gutloaded adult brine shrimp, they eat Like pigs twice a day with a 100 water change daily. Raised in individual containers full limbs, no nips, no deformities, perfect fluffy gills and great attitude. They have to be gone by June 26 do to a trip that I have to take with my family. Shipping is available ranging between $16 to $20 depending on zip code two to three day shipping (ice pack included). No shipping to NY or California they are illegal in this states. Payment will be via PayPal or cash only, if you live around my area (Brandon, FL 33511) please contact me for pick up.

Email or you can send me a text message. I will do discounts in orders of 5 or more, please have in mind that I spend over a thousand dollars on this babies.

The availability is the following:
6 GFP = $25 each
10 freckled leucistic = $20
Price: $20
Quantity: 1
First Listed: June 6, 2015
Last Modified: 8 years ago


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Time Zone: (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time
Location: tampa, FL 33511, US

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