Tucson Reptile & Amphibian Show & Sale

The Tucson Reptile & Amphibian Show & Sale is in its sixteenth year and is the largest event of its kind in Arizona history (over 50,000 square feet). Vendors from around the country will be selling thousands of captive bred reptiles & amphibians, cages, equipment, art, jewelry, clothing anything reptilian. There will be huge displays of exotic and local animals, including a venomous snake display larger than the San Diego Zoo’s. A petting zoo with Alligators, Giant Tortoises, Giant Lizards. Snack bar on premises. Plenty of free parking. Don't miss this unique event that has wowed Tucson for the last fifteen years.
Price: $10
Quantity: 1
First Listed: April 6, 2017


Business Hours:
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Web: http://tucsonreptileshow.com/
Location: Tucson, AZ 85714, US

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